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We are releasing an album through the Phil Stacey organization called "Faith" that is exclusive for Conquer Entertainment™. What we’re doing with this is basically introducing it to…Well, I’ve got a good sized fan base and they’re going to learn what Conquer Entertainment is because I want them to become subscribers. I want them to come on baord, and I want my friends who are artists to be a part of the Conquer Entertainment™ system.

I think that Conquer Entertainment™ could potentially revolutionize the music industry as a whole. There is nobody doing the kind of thing we’re doing. This record is truly unique. We did it from an entirely independent standpoint. I didn’t want to do anything that any artist coming in couldn’t do. I didn’t blow a huge budget with it. I didn’t bring on people that weren’t already associated with Conquer Entertainment. We have a five-time Grammy winner that helped me produce this record. The people that are involved are people that are at your disposal with Conquer Entertainment. This is what makes it a little bit different – a little bit special.

Everything that was done with this project could potentially be done for any artist in the Conquer Entertainment system. I’m really excited about it. So far we’ve had a great response. I know people are going to love this project. It’s a great synergy of talent.

My primary focus is on, ya know, what kind of impact I can make on this world. I think Conquer Entertainment™ is going to make a really big impact. I think it’s going to change the life of many, many artists who are looking for the right tools. And I think that consumers, the people that subscribe to Conquer Entertainment™, they are going to have their lives enlightened with some incredible music. Their life is gonna be revolutionized.

My whole mindset is, let me help you build the soundtrack to your life. You can’t watch a movie without a soundtrack – it would be completely boring. So let me help you and let me build a soundtrack to your life. I know you’re going to love it. That’s what we’re doing with Conquer Entertainment™. Were going to make a difference in people’s lives.

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