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How to Conduct a Business Launch

Instructional video for MA/Shop.comBusiness Launch ( 3 min's)

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A- Send out flyer ( Call people personally and follow up with text)

(Flyer click here )

B- Hand out Folder with Health Survey with pen / Home Shopping List & Nutritional Wellness Note page 

(Health survey click here)

(Nutrition Wellness Note Page)

C- Have everyone introduce who they are and what they do for a living 

D- Play Sizzle then Show Concept/ Not the Plan using Power point 

(click here for Sizzle)

(click here for power point)

E- Talk about Daily Essentials, share testimonials and samples  testing of products

Play video below

Daily Essential Video (4 min's)

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Announce to guests that you will Email and share any of the following videos for further education 

Discover the Power of Isotonix with Dr. Sheryl Duchess, ND (14 min's)
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Wellness 101 2019 short video (14 min's)
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Dr. Sheryl Duchess on Digestive Connection Interview (10 min's)
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Digital education  and credibility  presentation ( above)

Market America/Shop.com  press sizzle (above)

F- Hand out Price Sheet , Optional Raffle and 10% off orders placed at event 

Suggest that they share them with friends and family
(click here for the price sheet )

G- Hand out and read the 5 Step review of business ( below)

Take orders , set appointments to see entire plan 
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4 (1/2 hour) TLS Segments with Joanne Orshan

week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4 
Call with April Richotte on TLS ( 30 mins) 
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April Richotte TLS short You/tube Links
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Please download the It’s All About Skin Event Document on holding a skincare event.

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