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The Conquer Entertainment™ UnLabel is a label service provider contract of sorts that provides services pertaining to all aspects of the music industry – from artists and producers, to engineers, managers, and A&R’s – the UnLabel is designed around building and branding an artist and their career, and giving them access to the tools needed to do so. Through,,, and social media site,, you will have access to some of the most unique ways to promote and distribute your music on the internet!

With Conquer Entertainment’s services, an UnLabel Owner has access to production, engineering, graphic design, advertising, photographers, web designers, video personnel, and exclusive Conquer Entertainment events for a one-time, low sign-up fee of $45 (includes first 3 months). These services have been designed with the average, up-and-coming artist in mind, and are offered at below-market costs. In addition to the array of career-moving services offered through the UnLabel, Conquer Entertainment also offers training and guidance from industry professionals, and a Conquer Rewards program that will allow the UnLabel Owner to earn reward points that can be used to purchase the industry services that Conquer Entertainment will be providing.

Conquer Entertainment has also created a unique advertising model that will allow the UnLabel Owner to be compensated for paid downloads while Market America Customer Managers and fans are able to get music for free!

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