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The Billion Dollar Roll

The year 2010 will certainly go down in history as the most significant span of success since the company was founded some 20 years ago. We set the pace in January for a record year with our revolutionary paid to shop program in full swing. By the time 2010 had ended, we were paying registered customers up to 50 percent cash back on qualified purchases made through the Web Portal.

Paying customers that much to shop was unheard of, especially amidst the country’s continued economic woes. Fortunately, Market America remains insulated from sudden market swings, as demonstrated by yet another solid year of growth. Market America’s performance continued to excel as we surpassed $451 million in retail sales for 2010 — an increase over 2009’s $429 million.

In September of 2010, Market America successfully expanded the UnFranchise® business opportunity to the Philippines, making it the company’s sixth market worldwide. Presently, the company has operations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and now, the Philippines.

We have our sights set on Europe next as we’re already paving our way into the United Kingdom. With the acquisition of SHOP.COM, not only did we speed up our technology, we instantly launched our brands in the United Kingdom through their existing platform UK.SHOP.COM. This will set the stage for introducing the UnFranchise Business Development System there in early 2012.

The acquisition of SHOP.COM to close out 2010 was by far the greatest move in the history of the company. It combines SHOP.COM’s strength in technology and merchandising (providing customers with the latest, high-tech online shopping) with Market America’s high-touch, personal shopping experience, including the industry’s only unlimited cash back program. As the integration continues to unfold, it will make 2011 an even greater success as we confidently predict global sales and commission growth of more than 22 percent. Above all, this success will be shared by all of us!

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