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Recorded Calls [30 mins each]

Phone # 712-775-7029

Access Code : 206-800-956 

Ref#44   Tamara Weinstein & Jim Dwyer  [Product Testimonials]

Ref#12    Tamara Weinstein  [Health and Wellness Product Call 

Ref#60    Tamara Weinstein, DPT  [ Isotonix Essentials, DNA Miracles, Vitamin C+D3, Trim Tea,

                 Plant Based Protein Shake]

Ref#84    Tamara Weinstein, DPT [Protocols for Products-Energy, Exercise & Essentials]

Ref#86    Jim Dwyer    [Gut Health]

Ref#87    Tamara Weinstein, DPT  [Stress & Sleep]

Ref#89    Evelyn Ha, MD    [DNA Miracles]

Ref#92    Dr. Sheryl Duchess, ND  [Detoxification]

Ref#93    Dr. Dan Witkowski, MD  [Anti-Aging and Libido]

Ref#94    April Ritchotte   [TLS Program and Products]

Ref#95   Pam Torgerson   [Buisness Building with Retailing and Events including Trim Tea]

Ref#96   Tamara Weinstein,DPT  [Retail to Recruit]

Ref#88    Maleeva Epperson  [Protocols for Beauty and Skin Care]

Ref#52   Elliott Morales,Hugh Warnock   [Shop Financial & Debt Shredder]

Ref#83   Charles Bauer   [Debt Shredder]

Ref#85   Barry  Golumb [SNAP Protocols]

Additional Calls

Matching Universities and Products to People/Speaking in Themes with Sue Gilad

(515)603-4923 Access Code: 586128# ( 20 mins)

Lumiere de Vie Skin Care Line and the Science with Lisa Kostka and Stephen E. Mercer MD.,Ph.D.

(515)604-1477 Access Code: 248011# ( 45 mins)

Tips for Motives Customized Foundations with Tiffany Long

(515) 604-1400 Access Code: 1030152 (15mins)

TLS Accelerators with April Ritchotte 

(515) 604-2016 Access Code:613573# (15 mins)

Anti-Stress Kit with April Ritchotte 

(515) 604-1417 Access Code: 394046# (15 mins)

Health Care Professional Calls

Orthopedic Surgeon Nutritional  Treatment Protocols (3:30 min)

Podiatric Surgeon Nutritional Treatment Protocols (2:20 mins)

Harvard Orthopedic Surgeon on TLS Weight Loss Solution (2:00 mins)

Daily Essentials Kit and Omega-3 with Dr. Sheryl Duchess (13:00 mins)

Dr. Robert Zembroski ( author of Rebuild) Products and Health (30mins)

DR Tamara Weinstein/Probiotics (1:46 mins)

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Isotonix Complete Greens by Sheryl Duchess,ND (1:56 Min)

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Video's & Webinars

NE Regional with 15 Unfranchise wners covering  over 40 exclusive  MA products

Trial Marketing with Lisa and Ed Grant 

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Pam Torgerson /Acts vs Bliss  (1:19)min 

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Dennis & Sharon Collins share testimonials on ADHD and Autism followed by Joint Issues (3 mins)

Note : Products used DNA Miracles, Multi Vitamin plus, Probiotics, OPC, Digestive Enzymes, Fish Oils, Curcumin ....Joint Issues: OPC, Bromelain, Prime Joint Formula

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How to create a Nutrametrix Guide Book  with Lisa Grant 

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Market America’s Product Specialists

If you have questions regarding our products or services, you can contact a Market America product specialist at Please allow 24 – 72 hours for response.
Link to How to Conduct Product Events

( Wellness 101 , Beauty Basics, Skin Care and TLS)

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How to Conduct a Business Launch

3 Min Buisiness Launch Instruction Video 

(click her for the instruction video )

A- Send out flyer ( Call people personally and follow up with text)

(Flyer click here )

B- Hand out Folder with Health Survey with pen / Home Shopping List & Nutritional Wellness Note page

(Health survey click here)

(Nutrition Wellness Note Page)

C- Have everyone introduce who they are and what they do for a living 

D- Play Sizzle then Show Concept/ Not the Plan using Power point 

(click here for Sizzle)

(click here for power point)

E- Talk about Aloe, Digestive Enzymes & Greens. Email all 3 video's            (Time will only allow us to show Power of Isotonix video or Wellness 101 short Video ) You may choose to email Digestive Enzymes Video or other information

Daily Essential Video (4 min's)

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Discover the Power of Isotonix with Dr. Sheryl Duchess, ND (14 min's)

click here

Wellness 101 2019 short video (14 min's)

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Dr. Sheryl Duchess on Digestive Connection Interview (10 min's)

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F- Pass out Samples and Price Sheet -Share Testimonials/ Option Raffle and 10% off orders placed at event 

Announce to Guests that you will be emailing them both videos above

Suggest that they share them with friends and family

(click here for the price sheet )

G- Take Orders, Set appointments to see the entire Business Plan. Give out trail size samples to guests that qualify , Hand out 5 Step Review of Business

(click here for hand out )


4 (1/2 hour) TLS Segments with Joanne Orshan

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

Call with April Richotte on TLS ( 30 mins)

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April Richotte TLS short You/tube Links

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for Information and  Q&A join TLS facebook page

(TLS Coaches & online party support)

Please download the It’s All About Skin Event Document on holding a skincare event.

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