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Recorded Calls [30 mins each]

Phone # 712-775-7029

Access Code : 206-800-956 

Ref#44   Tamara Weinstein & Jim Dwyer  [Product Testimonials]

Ref#12    Tamara Weinstein  [Health and Wellness Product Call 

Ref#60    Tamara Weinstein, DPT  [ Isotonix Essentials, DNA Miracles, Vitamin C+D3, Trim Tea,

                 Plant Based Protein Shake]

Ref#84    Tamara Weinstein, DPT [Protocols for Products-Energy, Exercise & Essentials]

Ref#86    Jim Dwyer    [Gut Health]

Ref#87    Tamara Weinstein, DPT  [Stress & Sleep]

Ref#89    Evelyn Ha, MD    [DNA Miracles]

Ref#92    Dr. Sheryl Duchess, ND  [Detoxification]

Ref#93    Dr. Dan Witkowski, MD  [Anti-Aging and Libido]

Ref#94    April Ritchotte   [TLS Program and Products]

Ref#95   Pam Torgerson   [Buisness Building with Retailing and Events including Trim Tea]

Ref#96   Tamara Weinstein,DPT  [Retail to Recruit]

Ref#88    Maleeva Epperson  [Protocols for Beauty and Skin Care]

Ref#52   Elliott Morales,Hugh Warnock   [Shop Financial & Debt Shredder]

Ref#83   Charles Bauer   [Debt Shredder]

Ref#85   Barry  Golumb [SNAP Protocols]

Additional Calls

Matching Universities and Products to People/Speaking in Themes with Sue Gilad

(515)603-4923 Access Code: 586128# ( 20 mins)

Lumiere de Vie Skin Care Line and the Science with Lisa Kostka and Stephen E. Mercer MD.,Ph.D.

(515)604-1477 Access Code: 248011# ( 45 mins)

Tips for Motives Customized Foundations with Tiffany Long

(515) 604-1400 Access Code: 1030152 (15mins)

TLS Accelerators with April Ritchotte 

(515) 604-2016 Access Code:613573# (15 mins)

Anti-Stress Kit with April Ritchotte 

(515) 604-1417 Access Code: 394046# (15 mins)

Health Care Professional Calls

Orthopedic Surgeon Nutritional  Treatment Protocols (3:30 min)

Podiatric Surgeon Nutritional Treatment Protocols (2:20 mins)

Harvard Orthopedic Surgeon on TLS Weight Loss Solution (2:00 mins)

Daily Essentials Kit and Omega-3 with Dr. Sheryl Duchess (13:00 mins)

Dr. Robert Zembroski ( author of Rebuild) Products and Health (30mins)

DR Tamara Weinstein/Probiotics (1:46 mins)

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Isotonix Complete Greens by Sheryl Duchess,ND (1:56 Min)

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Video's & Webinars

NE Regional with 15 Unfranchise wners covering  over 40 exclusive  MA products

Trial Marketing with Lisa and Ed Grant 

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Pam Torgerson /Acts vs Bliss  (1:19)min 

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Dennis & Sharon Collins share testimonials on ADHD and Autism followed by Joint Issues (3 mins)

Note : Products used DNA Miracles, Multi Vitamin plus, Probiotics, OPC, Digestive Enzymes, Fish Oils, Curcumin ....Joint Issues: OPC, Bromelain, Prime Joint Formula

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How to create a Nutrametrix Guide Book  with Lisa Grant 

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